Windham Labs Research Portal

Empowering investors worldwide with sophisticated asset allocation and risk management solutions.

Windham Portfolio Advisor

The Windham Portfolio Advisor (WPA) is a complete portfolio optimization and risk management platform that integrates cutting edge research for institutions and managers.

Portfolio Lab

Portfolio Lab is a comprehensive, fully-integrated online solution for managing your portfolio analysis and reporting workflow.

Scenario Lab

Windham's latest online release allows managers and analysts to add statistical rigor to scenario analysis while maintaining an intuitive appeal. Construct and evaluate portfolios with informed probabilities for future scenarios!

Excel Lab

Leverage Windham's quantitative modeling library for asset allocation, factor analysis, and risk management in Excel. Run optimizations, simulations, complex regressions, and risk analytics to develop your portfolio modeling spreadsheets beyond its limits!

Signal Lab

Gain access to Windham's insights into risk signals and market data. Build resilient portfolios that are protected without sacrificing upside participation.

Backtest Lab

The most intuitive and robust backtesting modeling tool in the market. Focus on what is important to you, creating and evaluating investment strategies without worrying about data alignments and referencing errors.